Sunday, October 3, 2010

The recovery menu is one of the handiest tools on the PSP. Semi-bricked users can recover their devices and functional PSPs can use it for tweaking their console to their liking. Developer Total_Noob takes it to a whole new level with his addon, Ultimate Recovery Menu v2.0.

- Multi - Language English, German , French
- Add " EasyInstall backup restore "
- Optimized code , smaller prx 's

• A main menu that contains :
o USB connection , which allows to connect to a PC via a USB cable . we can connect:
+ The Memory Stick
+ Flash0
+ Flash1
+ Flash2
+ Flash3
+ UMD ( to dump )
o Recovery Flasher, which launches the application of the same name if it was installed on the Memory Stick.
o CPU Speed , who can change the CPU speed ( in the XMB ,...)
o System Tools , which allows :
+ View system information ( model PSP, motherboard ,...)
+ Make a backup of Nand
+ Nand Restore
+ Make a backup of the registry
+ Restore Registry
o Battery Options , which allows:
+ Check the battery mode (Pandora , Autoboot or normal) , and the series of the latter
+ Normalize battery
+ Pandoriser battery
+ Change the battery in Battery Autoboot ( autostart )
+ Restore EEPROM
o Registry Hacks , which allows :
+ Enable WMA Playback
+ Enable Flash Player
+ Format the flash1 and restore default settings
• On the left, the configuration menu , which includes all options Recovery Menu normal but add some:
o Skip Sony logo
o Hide corrupt icons
o Choosing the kernel
o Set UMD Mode
o Use the Fake Region
o Enable the plugins in the XMB
o Enable / disable plugins in GAME
o Enable / disable plugins in POPS ( PS1 emulator )
o Show VSH Menu
o Choose what will be connected through the USB connection in the XMB
o Charge the battery with USB
o Enable / disable the update M33
o Hide the MAC address
o Use version.txt
• On the right of the main menu will presently have 3 menus , respectively : o The plugins are active in the XMB ( vsh.txt )
o The active plugins in games ( GAME.txt )
o The active plugins in PS1 emulation ( POPS.txt 

Source: Consolespot


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