Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sony Computer Entertainment of Japan recently revealed a new, redesigned PSP planned to release alongside the launch of Monster Hunter 3rd Portable. This limited edition PSP isn't just another custom color, but features actual physical changes to the handheld. Keep on reading to find out the handheld's changes and view photos of it.

Continuing with Tokyo Game Show news, Sony revealed a special Monster Hunter edition, PlayStation Portable that includes a redesigned analog stick. The PSP's analog stick has concave surface, allowing for player's thumbs to more comfortably move it without worrying about their finger slipping off. Secondly, the back side of the PSP includes plastic "grips" and a battery cover that slightly sticks out more. The reason for this being, is that it includes a bigger battery, allowing for longer gaming sessions with the improved battery life

Capcom and Sony worked together on the handheld and it shows, as you can tell this PSP was created with Monster Hunter gamers in mind. As of now, the console is set to release in Japan on release day for Monster Hunter 3rd Portable, December 1 and will come inside a bundle packaged with the game for 19,800 yen (about $230).

Source: Consolespot


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