Saturday, May 16, 2015

Joel16 releases CyanogenPSP v5.0

A new update to CyanogenPSP was released by developer and creator Joel16 over at recently. The developer has fixed the ISO Loader affecting the previous update while adding new additions and providing some new fixes. The developer hopes to make some additional improvements but warns the community his real life time is making it difficult to provide regular updates.view all the latest progress of this application and be sure to express your support if you enjoy this PSP Homebrew application:

NEW Features found in version 5.0:
  • Fully implement ISO/CSO loading through game launcher
  • Fully implement POPS loading game launcher
  • Added expanded desktop feature : can be toggled on/off in settings/display
  • Added day/night cycle widget. : can be toggled on/off in settings/display
  • Add 5x scrolling forgallery (use left/right buttons to move 5x faster than up/down)
  • Update default wallpaper to CM12's new default wallpaper
  • Added time and date in lockscreen
  • Use right/left to change brightness in quicksettings instead of up/down.
  • Added USB toggle under settings>performance>storage management.
cunao22 cynao33 cynao363

What has been fixed in version 5.0
  • Fixed battery percent and time not being shown when viewing a text file
  • Fix up processor menu
    • Display correct CPU/BUS frequency
    • Fix Overclocking and Underclocking
    • Prevent skipping frequencies
  • Fix up display in the WIFI menu
  • Minor changes and fixes
  • Fixed time not being updated in the clock app until its reopene

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