Saturday, May 16, 2015

ROLL BOSS RUSH + Fly Little Bird

Fly Little Bird

This is an early flappy game. The idea was born time ago when my grandson was playing with an android device one of the flappy game out there, and i decided to try something similiar on the PSX. the game was given by my girlfriend.
How to play:
Basically you have to hit X button for fly and avoid to fall down.
  X= Accept
  O= Avoid/turn back
Debug Infos are still active, and my way of coding its not professional, critics and comments are appreciated the game
 slide in an infinite loop, so there are no levels new objects while you go ahead and things like that, for now...
Also, playing with SPU and .VAG files its a Pain for me, and for now you hear only 1 sound when you press X in the game.
In the next releases i will code a background music, better menu and all that is missing now.
So please, for now, Enjoy it !


This is an ongoing project of mine. I've tested and debugged it pretty thoroughly, but you never know. If it freezes on you or refuses to load, please let me know. Based on the Roll from the Megaman cartoon. You play as Roll, fighting difficult robo bosses in effort to stop Dr. Wily from taking overthe world  (shrugs)  If you can think of a better story... tell me. You can play it on ePSXe at 640x480 or real Hardware at 320x240 only.


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