Saturday, February 15, 2014

Originally Posted by mugi
here wee go x.x
lots of pretty little details in it.

tried to keep it simple but polished.
comes with a pack of 6 wallpapers, though couple of them are already implemented
in the theme itself.
(protip: choose original/classic/tasty treat to enable/disable wave and change wallpapers)

word of caution !
i did include a ctf, but it might be unstable, this is entirely tested on flash0,
and while i did load it with CXMB, i give no guarantees that the .ctf actually works properly.

all hail the nerds who made ctftoolGUI / RCOMage / PRXEditor etc
original organ theme which has inspired me to do my own flash0 themes ever since years ago <3 br="">the community who makes use of this stuff :3

hope you like it.



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