Thursday, June 16, 2011

PSP coder kenma9123 has released a new version of his feature-packed homebrew application, Krap-psp.

  • [!]Fix the screenshot bug ( that auto creates a Krap folder!)
  • [!]Fix some errors in krap menu
  • [!]Fix a bug that when the "Stop charging is Disabled" the psp will not charge at 0% battery lvl.
  • [+]Added Wlan Saver Option in Settings menu(Now you can turn it on/off while in game mode :D)
  • [+]Added the ability to disable/enable screenshot,music mode,reboot,sleep,shutdown
  • [+]Added the ability to change the Powersaver CPU/Brightness
  • [+]Added the Farenheit value of the Battery temperature in the krap menu :)
  • [!]Improved music mode feature
  • [!]Changed some of the default buttons such as
    • Force shutdown from (NOTE+START -> NOTE+SELECT)
    • Force Sleep from (NOTE+SELECT -> NOTE+START)
    • Screenshot from (NOTE+LTRIG -> NOTE+RTRIG)
  • When writing the screenshot path directory it should be Image_path = "ms0:/PICTURE/foldername" or in any folder locations, no more *.bmp extensions and it musn't end with a slash.
  • When changing the CPU/Bright of the powersaver, press SELECT+right/left to change the cpu and START+right/left for the bright level.
Source: QJ


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