Thursday, February 3, 2011

The JPCSP team has recently updated their ever-improving Java-based PlayStation Portable emulator for Windows.

  • JPCSP v0.6 r1975
    • Fix for "intBitsToFloat" problem in "Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep - US - ULUS10505"
  • JPCSP v0.6 r1974
    • Fixed potential problem in Compiler
  • JPCSP v0.6 r1973
    • Avoid sometimes NullPointerException in setTextureWrapMode
  • JPCSP v0.6 r1972
    • Corrected a small typo.
  • JPCSP v0.6 r1971
    • Fixed and improved PRX decryption:
    • Corrected tag assignment in both PRX versions;
    • Improved PRX version detection;
    • Fixed PRX version 1 decryption;
    • Fixed a bug in ScrambleV2 for DecryptPRX1.
  • JPCSP v0.6 r1970
    • Avoid a lot of redundant OpenGL calls while rendering. This might bring a small performance improvement

     Source: qj


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