Wednesday, February 2, 2011

PSP coder  dev NightStar3 has has released ZeroRCO Patcher, a handy plugin that allows 6.20 TN users to load custom gameboots and modified rco files on 6.20 TN.

Developer's note:

ZeroRCO patcher is a plugin for 6.20 TN that allows users to do many different things, such as load your custom modified rco files and custom gameboot's from the memory stick or the PSP GO's internal storage.

The plugin will check to see which files are in ms0:/seplugins/RCO/ and if the file is there and called on, the one from the memory stick will be loaded. If not, it will load the original one from flash.
(Gameboots are loaded from the same directory)

This is made to prevent bricks when using custom resources or a custom gameboot(this does not touch your flash).

More notes from the dev:

In order to insure that everything works as planned, be sure to use RCO's modified for 6.20, or you might experience some problems
with some files.

More RCO's will be supported in v0.2, and we will try to make it so that you may load flash files as well.

Enabling it:

You can enable it like any other plugin.

Make sure to open up ms0:/seplugins/vsh.txt and ms0:/seplugins/game.txt
and type in and save "ms0:/seplugins/zerorco_patcher.prx 1"
(for the PSP GO, change ms0 to ef0)

Be sure to restart your VSH after enabling it(and you don't see any changes)

Sean994 - Beta Testing -1k and 3k
ruyor - Beta Testing - 2k and GO
Davee - Inspiring me to code this plugin
ZiNgA BuRgA - RCO Editor

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