Thursday, February 3, 2011

Codestation has released HUD 2.0 Its an alternative VSH Menu for 6.35 HEN users that displays ps info Onscreen.

It can display the following:
- CPU/BUS speed and CPU usage
- notification on CPU speed change
- battery status (percent and time left)
- local time
Besides displaying info on screen this plugin can:
- change cpu speed
- take a screenshot
Installation & controls:
1. Download and unpack the archive to the root directory of the Memory Stick
2. Edit the files vsh.txt and game.txt adding the following string:
ms0: / plugins / hud.prx 1
3. The Pressing the “Note” + L the configuration screen
4. The Pressing the “Note” + R the HUD and change the display methods
5. “Note” + UP a screenshot.
Source: pspslimhacks


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