Saturday, November 6, 2010

Developers Note:
5.00/5.03 version built after 5.50 because I got a psp3000 now...some things may not be exact between versions.
5.00 version has a cxmb that i hacked up for the 5.03GEN users so you can natively load 5.00m33 themes without having to patch them

Please respond with your love! Its not easy making themes and taking care of a new born!

Big ups to
-Zing Burg for his rco magic!!
-Vegetano1 for beating the heck out of rcomage
-Team Typhoon and GEN for making the 3000 hacks :P *I LOVE the wide colors of the 3000 lcd*
-all the xmb creators and everyone else pursuing theme creation! Keep on building them!!

Source: zx-psp


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