Saturday, November 6, 2010

PTF is the official theme of the original format, more stable, simple.  CTF is by the players to produce their own format, gorgeous. Changeable, the most splendid of its characteristics.
PTF and CTF theme of difference is the installation method:

 The effect of PTF theme by direct PTF file copy of the Memory Stick, PSP will be able to read. CTF format and will need CXMB this through a powerful plug-ins to achieve.
CXMB is a brush-free F0 can be made the subject of the effect of F0 plug-in, the specific use:

 1. Download CXMB for 5.00M33

 2. Decompress after the CXMB folder seplugins folder and its contents into the Memory Stick root directory (in order to prevent coverage of the plug-ins before, seplugins add their own content).

 3. Will. Ctf theme file into MS0: / PSP / theme /

 4. To re-start to recovery mode (boot holding down the building onto R). In the recovery mode will cxmb.prx plug-in plugins activated (set to Enable)

 5. To "set -" set the theme = "theme" you need to choose the theme of the CTF


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