Monday, August 2, 2010

This plugin is the best one i ever had, it allows you to edit the clock string and add more features like weekday, monthname, year, battery percent, battery lifetimer, battery percent and more.

Changelog v7
- Now you have the full possibility to edit the clock string to your desire.
- Added battery lifetime.
- Fixed incompatibility with AutoStart PRX.
- Solved bug in unicode encoding: some character didn't show correctly.

- Copy the 'seplugins' folder to your Memory Stick and add this line to 'vsh.txt': 'ms0:/seplugins/dayviewer.prx 1' (without the ').
- Now, take a look in 'dayviewer_config.txt'.
- Reboot your psp and enjoy:).

Translation & Editing clock string

The config file for the translation and the clock string is: 'dayviewer_config.txt'

For the clock string, you can use these things:

%hour12 (time format 12)
%batlifehour (battery life hour)
%batlifemin (battery life minutes)

Example: [SuperHero, %month-%day-%year %hour:%min:%sec %batpercent%%]

Example 2: \%weekday, %day. %monthname %year %hour12:%min:%sec %ampm\CFW 5.50GEN-D3

If you want to show the percent symbol you have to write '%%'.
To make a new line, write '\'.
If you make a new line, the clock string will slide up. To fix that, write '\' at the beginning of the string.

*Only 100 Characters for the clock string.

*Note(This is not my post, i only copy and paste most of it for your convenience)



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