Saturday, September 18, 2010

Psp Html Book Maker lets you convert plain text copied from PDf files or any other source into a much more organized Html format allowing you to comfortably read it on your PSP. What separates it from other similar apps, is hat PSP HTML Book Maker has a very interactive interface and it automates things as far as possible. Even a Novice user can create a book in seconds. 

  • Works with any PSP, no need for any Custom Firmware.
  • Creates a Book like interface with a Complete Index Page, along with Navigation Bars to easily jump between pages and change themes on the go.
  • Track your progress and continue from last chapter by bookmarking.
  • Theme Support to make Html books look even more great
  • Easily create your own Themes with Theme Manager
  • A Bookmark Manager to save you from typing on Psp's not so fast typing pad.
  • Sync your books on PSP with just one Click.
  • Simple and Sleek interface
  • Since this Html book opens in a Browser Tab, you can even listen to your Favorite Radio Station using PSP's online Radio

System Requirements:
  • Operating System Supported : Windows XP, Vista, Seven
  • Dot Net Framework 2.0 or above, (Only xp users need to install Dot Net if they dont have it, Vista and upwards have .net 2.0 pre installed)
Source: qj


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