Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A way to manage your PSP plugins straight from the XMB (or VSH).
 Here is the Full changelog:
  • - Ultimate VSH Menu is now BUGFREE
  • - Added "ISO VIDEO MOUNT"
  • - Compatible with the plugin Game Categories
  • - Compatible with cxmb
  • - Compatible on psp slim
  • - Load recovery menu work now on all psp
  • - It don't move automatically more
  • - Don't hide Ultimate VSH Menu on PSP store
  • - If you use a ctf theme, the mac addresse don't show on Chinese
  • - Don't show the battery serial, if you've got a psp slim TA-88 or TA-85 v2
  • - It hook the vshctrl to hide M33 VSH Menu, so Ultimate VSH Menu work, if you have "Use VshMenu" on "enabled"
  • - Added on installer a uninstall function



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