Thursday, June 4, 2015

Permanent patches have been a reality in the PSP scene for some time now, but Rahim-US has just released the very first one for Neur0n's LME custom firmware. As with all other patches, this one requires that your PSP stay on 6.20 firmware as opposed to the current 6.60 build. If you can put up with that tiny gripe, then this release is for you! Instead of having to boot a custom firmware launcher every single time you want to play homebrew, now LME will start automatically even on PSP-3000 and GO. The only limitation to this great finding is that it will NOT work on PSP-3000 (07g) or PSP-E1000. Should you not have either of those two models, keep reading!

As previously discussed, you must be on 6.20 for the custom firmware and perma-patch to be installed. For those of you on something higher than that, the Chromoswitch Downgrader can get you back to 6.20. After that, just install and launch the LME firmware like you normally would, then install the patch. Once that's complete, your system will automatically boot LME custom firmware every single time! You can watch the entire process in this video!

There is a 6.20 ME version for 1000 and 2000 models that don't need a permanent patch, but there may not be much use for that since you can already boot to 6.60 ME on those models anyway.


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