Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cooleyes has just  released PPA 3.15, this version fixes the problem with some videos not playing under firmware 6.xx. PPA is a media player that can play MKV, MP4, PMP, FLV formats.

– fixed some videos can not play in FW6xx
[ Control ]

    browse view:

    LTRIGGER + UP : select top entry LTRIGGER + DOWN : select bottom entry LTRIGGER + SQUARE : turn on/off movie information preview LTRIGGER + SELECT : open skin select dialog LTRIGGER + TRIANGLE : open version dialog LTRIGGER + START : open quit dialog TRIANGLE : open help dialog SQUARE : open configuration view SELECT : if current selected entry is a movie file, open delete dialog START : go to the root directory UP : select last entry DOWN : select next entry CIRCLE : if current selected entry is a directory, enter this directory; if current selected entry is a movie file, play it CROSS : if current selected entry is a movie file, resume play it

    playing movie:

    TRIANGLE : play stop SQUARE : play pause/resume CIRCLE : if playing, turn on/off status bar; if pause, capture current video picture, save in ms0:/PICTURE/PPA directory RIGHT : forward LEFT : backward SELECT : select next audio stream UP : amplify(+) DOWN : amplify(-) RTRIGGER : luminosity boost(+) LTRIGGER : luminosity boost(-) START : select next aspect ratio CROSS + RIGHT : fast forward CROSS + LEFT : fast backward CROSS + RTRIGGER : turn on/off play loop CROSS + LTRIGGER : select next subtitle CROSS + SQUARE : select next subtitle font color CROSS + CIRCLE : select next subtitle font border color CROSS + SELECT : select stereo, left, right CROSS + START : select display normal or inversion on PSP LCD  

Source: pspslimhacks


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