Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Homebrew developer dev C4TurD4Yjust give us an update of his handy lil' app, Sepulka, a selective plugin loader for your homebrewed PSP.

 Developers Note:
So what's Sepulka exactly? Well, to quote the dev, "it's able to load plugin only for specified game, no more f*cking with Recovery Menu to enable cheat device for GTA, no more manually enabling m33_620 plugin only for InviZimals and no more wasting time. If Sepulka is properly configured, you won't need launch RM or even VSH Menu for a long time. Why did i mention VSH Menu? Because Sepulka can also automatically change ISO Driver and CPU speed."

Current features of the plugin:

    * Loading plugins only for specified games.
    * To describe games u can use id, name (great for noobs) and path (even incomplete! but only one per line).
    * Macrofire is supported (no 0x8003021 errors).
    * Boot screen displaying status (if no plugins were loaded - it won't appear).
    * Automatically changing ISO driver.
    * Automatically changing CPU speed.
    * You are able to define custom macros (u can use acronyms for games, ie. u can write "GTA:CW" instead of "Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars".
    * Last played game (backup or homebrew) is automatically moved at the first place in the XMB.
    * You can disable bootscreen, logging to file and autosort feautures.
    * You can place Sepulka on internal memory of PSPgo (ef0:).

Sepulka v0.7b (148.36 KB)
  Source: qj


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