Friday, December 31, 2010

Coder dridri has released OpenIdea Iso Loader, an alternative solution to Liquidzigong’s Prometheus ISO Loader with a slightly different twist: It runs your ISOs directly from the PSP XMB.
How Do I Install? 
  1. Extract the ISO Loader and put all the .prx-files in “ms0:PSPSYSTEM”. there is NO need to register these in the vsh.txt file
  2. Take an ISO of your choice and drop it onto the “iso_packer.exe” that is the eboot converter (download Open Idea Eboot Builder).
  3. After the program finished converting, put the EBOOT (that can be found in the same directory as the ISO it has been created from) on your MS like this “ms0:/PSP/GAME/anynamehere/EBOOT.PBP”
  4. The converted ISO should now show up in the games section in the XMB.
Source: qj


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