Wednesday, December 29, 2010

PSP coder Takka has released a new version of his handy homebrewing app, ISO Tool, a nifty brew that allows users to decrypt, convert and patch all the latest ISOs, making it compatible with their own CFW PSP.
Changelog (translated):
  • ISO Tool v1.956:
    • [NEW] TAG: 0xD91617F0 decoding support
    • [NEW] ms / seplugin / prm / key.txt to add the settings 0xD91617F0
      • Changes to these files, iso_tool Prometheus3-v4 If you have changed in the decoding can be started without
  • ISO Tool v1.955:
    • [BUG] Prometheus could not fix the patch is successfully
    • [NEW] EBOOT conversions up to 20 times faster than
    • [NEW] changed as a cipher decryption carried out by using the
      • I think the existing TAG is covered if the decoding could be displayed, please tell TAG. However, the software has been used is not compatible with earlier 0x80000000/0xC0CB167C. The latest of course does not correspond to the TAG

Source: qj


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