Friday, November 5, 2010

Stinkee2 has released his own PGU-powered version of Cube Runner for the PSP.

 Developers Note:
I know it's already been made on the PSP. The one I tried was kinda bad, so I made this. To further demonstrate some of the features of PGU.

  • Analog Stick
    • Move left/right. It works best if you push it all the way forward and move it slowly. (unless you have a big line of cubes to dodge)
  • L+R Triggers
    • Press both the L and R triggers to get a higher view. This is good for level mode and sometimes arcade mode.
  • Start button
    • Pause.

Game Modes:
  • Level Game
    • Load a user created level, saved as a 20x(any height) PNG image and play through it. Background color is white, don't change it or else you won't be able to really play it. There will only be a massive wall of cubes the color that you changed the background to.
  • Arcade Game
    • Play through sort of a "tunnel" or "road" of cubes for as long as you can without hitting the sides.
  • Endless Game
    • Play through a barrage of randomly placed cubes for as long as possible without hitting any.

And that's pretty much it. As stated in the beginning, this is just a demo of some of the features of my library. EVERYTHING here is done using only PGU.

Source: qj


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