Saturday, November 20, 2010

PSP Grader lets you create a Magic memory stick with just one click. It also lets you Downgrade and upgrade  from any firmware to Custom firmware. PSP Grader not only creates a magic memory stick, it packs a few additional options: inject an IPL only, clean the Pandora stick ridding any files created by PSP Grader, and the ability to change the default trigger to load Pandora when you’re ready.

A PSP with MemoryStick or MicroSD Card.
Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, or Newer.

DOES NOT need .net!

- Download the eboot straight from the app!
- Load eboots stored in ZIP files.

Coming Soon:
RAR & 7z Loading - Rar loading didnt make the port to pascal but only due to time restraints, it and 7zip loading are planned!

Backup Script - Once again due to time constraints a backup function didnt make it. Grader never had one and myne never worked to begin with so I put this off till it could be done right!

SPEED - While this app is no slower than anything I have written before it is slower than Grader 6. We have already begun finding ways to speed up the app and it will be sped up soon!

Idiot Proofing - Well any app needs that!

Thanks To
Klutsh - For letting me assist him in pushing out a new grader and I look forward to making a much improved release for him in the future.
ThievingSix - For his work on the MSINST Replacement.
CoFree - For all his support and help to klutsh in the past and present. 

Source: psplimhacks


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