Saturday, September 18, 2010

The DaedalusX64 team has released a new version of their ever-popular Nintendo 64 emulator for the PSP DaedalusX64.

Check out the new changelog: 

  • Revision 574

    • [!] fixed texture update check to use less CPU and more accurate sampling. MK64 has some minor menu errors but in game works fine. OOT has some minor sky issues when changing scene. (with check every frame)
  • Revision 573

    • [!] Removed unnecessary conversion routines in R4300
    • [!} Made kernelbuttons check more robust, it should be fully usable now..
    • [!] Improved handler if kernelbuttons.prx fails to load, allow default keys to be used instead
    • [+] Allow exit option even if kernelbuttons.prx failed to load ( Should help HBL users, note you need to hold select button to bring prompt)
  • Revision 572

    • [!] Improved how texture check works, should now be almost free with check every frame (MK64 and OOT)
    • [!] Frameskip changed!!! old FS=2 is now FS=1 (old FS=1 is no more)
  • Revision 571

    • [+] Added 32/16Bit mode text on about screen and when starting rom emulation
    • [+] Additional tweaks to speed up memory transfers (DMA, DLPaser)
    • [~] Reverted SETVOL from previous rev
    • [~] Fixed some minor sound popping from previous rev
    • [+] Unrolled some audio conversion code
    • [~] Removed unused fog code from PSPRenderer
    • [+] Textures are cached a bit longer and get random time until flush if unused
  • Revision 570

    • [!] Corrected linking issues with FastMemcpy
    • [+] Added profiler for memcpy's (taken from psp-programming)
    • [!] Modify vfpu_memcpy, also added memcpy_cpu (corn)

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