Friday, July 23, 2010

M33-Prometheus Installer a plug-in for 5.50 m33-6 that  lets you enjoy 6.00+ required titles without sacrificing your homebrew.

Notes (from README.txt):
  • If you use the KHBBS plugin remember to disable it before you use this program, otherwise it can’t write files in flash correctly.
  • The program adds the Stargate.prx plugin string in first position in your GAME.txt (if it exists!). So other plugins (if present) will be saved from second position (you won’t loose them!).
  • When you uninstall the MOD prometheus with the specific function of this program the GAME.txt file will be completely deleted. So you will loose all plugins enabled in GAME.
  • The program does not recognize the CF version, for this reason it works in any Custom Firmware: be sure to use it ONLY in CF 5.00M33-6!
M33-Prometheus Installer v2.0 Update:
  • Added Italian translation.
  • v1.0 could not write correctly the Stargate.prx if the SEPLUGINS folder did not exist: fixed.
  • Added submenus for Installation and Uninstallation features.
  • Added help menus to give you more information about the program’s functions.
  • Added a function to install all files in your Flashs: the Stargate.prx plugin will be written in Flash0 and flash0:/kd/pspbt*nf.bin files will be updated to auto-load it at startup! In this way you won’t loose a place in your GAME.txt
  • Added a function to uninstall an “all in flashs” installation (read above).
  • The program will recognize the PSP model (Phat or Slim) writing only the correct files in Flash0

Download: M33-Prometheus Installer v2.0


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