Monday, December 21, 2009

New xplora Updated:

Xplora v1.8 changes:
•Now at startup the CPU clock is set to 222Mhz (333 is no longer needed)
•Improved the “Zip manager” that have some bugs in the previous release
•Added automatic management in the message box
•Added new GUI elements to the main windows manager
•Added two progress bars while copying/moving folders
•Improved the “Umd Dumper” with a new interface and some improved functions
•Added “DAX” support to the “Umd Dumper”
•Added a new dynamic mouse (Hold [] and move the analog to scroll list)
•Improved some functions for copying
•Added some info in the main System Info window
•Fixed the bootstrap module that have some problems in the previous release
•Improved the global memory usage
•Improved the main file manager
•Added a history feature in the file manager
•Added a simple utility that can dump the entire NAND on the MS
•Improved the management of some threads and tasks
•Improved the visualization in the system tray
•Improved the “Homebrew Sorter” that now shows the icons and the real names of homebrews, ISO’s and CSO’s
•Improved the GUI of the “Music Player”
•Added “.ogg” support in the “Music Player”
•Improved the library used to get the Mp3 files infos with some new functions
•Improved the Mp3 Player that now use Media Engine to decode audio
•Now during the Music Player the main CPU clock is set to minimum values
•Now you can listen to music while using the “Text Editor”
•Added fadeout effetc to the Mp3 Player
•Now when the screen is disabled doesn’t go to standby
•Added screen fadeout in the Music Player
•Now if the headphone is removed while playing some music, music are automatically paused
•Now you can have a image for background in the main File Manager (”background.png” in “data” folder)
•Completely rewrote the Text Editor, that shows a lot of problems of memory management and rendering speed
•Fixed some bugs in the loading function of the OSK
•Note: The Text editor is not 100% completed now, so can have some bugs, sorry!
•Improved the PMF Player, that now doesn’t need to be rebooted
•Now while viewing some movies you can force stop it with “HOME” button
•Added a cfw check to enable run only on 4.01 and highter cfw (its recommended to update to the last cfw (5.00 M33-4) for a better compatibility)



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