Sunday, May 17, 2015

What's new?
  • Multiplayer
  • New colors of birds
  • Pink background
  • Color and background customization
  • No tubes mode, Dachshund bird mode and Nyan Cat (beta) mode
  • Semi-fix of memory bug
  • etc.
 Just tap one of the PSP's face buttons to navigate your chubby little winged creature through a series of Mario pipes. However, a lot has changed since Sandroron released his first build of Flappy Bird for PSP a little over a month ago. Beyond the spot on gameplay experience, version 2.0 also includes full simultaneous multiplayer, more bird colors, and the ability to customize the game's background as you see fit. There are also a few  extra modes including pipeless and cat variations as well. Need I say more? Check out this well put together PSP homebrew below!



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