Saturday, March 10, 2012

ayViewerForGame 5.0 is a pretty cool PSP Plugin that comes in handy . DayViewerForGame 5.0 will let users get certain information about their PSP via the Game Menu with this plugin .
This is one editor had to say about DayViewerForGame 5.0
DayViewerForGame is a plugin that allows us to see more information that gives us the home menu when we get out of a game, the information you give is the time, date, battery percentage and remaining battery time. Beyond that is totally flexible and we can put in any order you want.
So if you are using an older version of DayViewerForGame on your PSP , Then is recommended to update to the latest version which is now DayViewerForGame 5.0 released just a few hours ago . Feel free to download this PSP Plugin from our download section above , There you will find a few download links for this PSP plugin, Feel free to choose either one .
Also don’t forget to read the developer statement for a bit information about DayViewerForGame 5.0 and it’s features that are available on this release . This way you know what features are available and what bugs has been fixed in this version that was found in earlier version . 



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