Thursday, October 13, 2011

Japanese developer SnyFbSx has today released PSP Power Controller Ver.5.3.0. This is a PRX plug-in that gives you complete control of your PSP power, quick button combos for reset and even sleep/auto shutdown modes etc.

PSP Power Controller Ver.5.3.0. Changelog:

Ver5.3.0 :
CPU clock setting “199/99″ support.(“CFW6.XX ME-1.5″ added)
Ver5.2.1 :
Fixed a bug with the log output.
Ver5.2.0 :
Added setting of the switch to show / hide part of the time in seconds (for demand)
*I increased the item, we recommend that you reset the ini file.
Ver5.1.5 :
It corresponded to new CPU clock “166/83″.
The response to reduce the memory consumption. (The stack was made below a past half. )




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