Monday, May 9, 2011

Plum has just updated its convenient MP3PlayerPlugin.
The MP3PlayerPlugin allows you to listen to your own music while playing a game or when you’re surfing the Internet. Also works it just in your XMB. The good thing about this plugin is that it does not take much memory. So it is hardly noticeable. It is actually a replacement for the outdated music.prx plugin, but it has more features such as different play modes.
In this version the XMB screen while playing bug has been fixed to return from freezing and the behavior of the Plugin has been adjusted.
List of commands:
[L / R] + [□]: Play / Pause
[L / R] + [→]: switch to the right track
[L / R] + [←]: switch to the left track
[L / R] + [↑]: Volume (+)
[L / R] + [↓]: Volume (-)
[L / R] + [START]: Turn on / off Hold
-XMB screen while playing has been fixed to return from freezing.
-Adjusted the behavior of the Plugin


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