Saturday, February 5, 2011

In this tutorial, I will show how to install promethesus ISO loader to play those legally back up ISO'S.
1. Download promethesus ISO Loader HERE.
2. Connect your PSP Via USB or memory card to your Computer
3. Right click of the downloaded file and press " extract"
4. Choose the letter assigned for your PSP on your PC and click on the PSP Folder, then the GAME folder and press extract to begin the extraction.
5 Quit USB mode, and on your PSP go to the game tap and click on prometheus ISO loader to start the Loader.

NOTE: In order to use Prometheus ISO loader, you must have 6.20 CFW enabled, If you have not yet  install it, Click HERE to install the latest version of 6.20 TN-E Custom firmware for PSP.
(Custom firmware will let Users play ISO, CSO Files from the PSP memory stick. If you are trying to install Prometheus ISO loader without a CFW, it would just say "File Corrupted," in order for it to work, you need to have a CFW installed.) 

*If you are a Noob and unsure how this ISO loader work, I consider  that you update you PSP Firmware to 6.60 and install THIS CFW install program that i created. Just follow the steps and in about 3 minuted, you'll be paying ISO files without an iso loader.

6. Launch the ISO " The one you download and placed on the ISO folder of your psp memory stick"


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