Saturday, February 26, 2011

The DaedalusX64 Team has released a new version of  their ever Nintendo 64 emulator project for the PSP. Now at Beta 3, Most games are supported.

Major changes added to this version:
  • Screen zoom (up to 150%) to get rid of black borders
  • Show patch progress instead of black screen while patching (Corn/Salvy)
  • Optimization/Speed-up in Dynarec/Loop Opt. and simplified the Fragment Cache Hash
  • Z-fighting Fixed
  • Faster D-list processing for a speed-up
  • Faster N64 Fixed Point Matrix loading and other optimizations in rendering
  • Added option to use Cover-Flow or Classic GUI
  • Added battery info in pause menu (Salvy/psppwner300/Corn)
  • 64 SaveState slots (psppwner300/Corn)
  • New faster Double Display List processing
  • 16bit screen rendering (Using dithering for smoother colors)
  • Missing HUD(heart) fixed in OoT/MM
  • Faster texture check/hash
  • Faster audio conversion code and optimizations, fixed left/right sound swap
  • New DMA transfer mode using VFPU
  • Frame-rate limiter no longer stalls CPU
  • Added more patches in OSHLE GU function library using VFPU
  • Added Auto Frame Skip 1 & 2
  • Added hacks for Wonder Project J2, SM64 stars blend, Kirby 64 in DLParser_S2DEX_Bg1cyc & copy
  • Hack for alternative TLUT (MM, SSV, Animal Crossing, Sin and Punishment(Tsumi to Batsu) & Flying Dragon)
  • Hack for Wipeout, F-Zero and RR64 to proper Z-buffer rendering of geometry
  • When N64 uses Average as texture filter we do Bi-linear on PSP (Smooths Gex 3 and others textures properly)
  • Fixed Model-view matrices for Gex games to render properly
  • Added Blend Explorer now takes a selection from Combiner Explorer to test blends in real-time
  • Set Prim Depth works -> SSV, Road Rash, Glover, Rayman 2, Donald Duck
  • Insert Matrix works -> Kirby enemies and SSB animation
  • Force Matrix works -> Tarzan, Donald duck, Rayman2 and Star Wars Episode I - Racer
  • Proper texture loading -> F-Zero, Flying dragon (menus)
  • New home button library (works on newer FW's 6XX + button wrapper for easy usage)
  • New blender using a 16bit hash
  • Generic blend-mode (handles over 70% of all inexact blends)
  • Reworked COP1 Unusable Exceptions ( Increased compatibility greatly )
  • Added support for uCode tables and uCode definitions
  • Added a more robust and faster uCode cache (All used uCodes are retained, to avoid unnecessary hashing)
  • Reworked uCode detection (faster, and fixed several annoying bugs)
  • Simplified greatly interrupts
  • Implemented AI OS functions, also several fixes and optimizations throughout OSHLE
  • Updated Audio code base to latest Azimer's plug-in (Salvy/Corn)
  • Implemented several custom uCodes (Conker, GE sky etc)
  • Recursive deletion + Reset settings/oshle cache
  • Deprecated RSP LLE emulation from PSP build
  • Properly transfer palettes to Video Memory after loading texture (Fixes annoying spots)
  • Added Forced Filtering, can be changed on Global Settings (Salvy and Kreationz)
  • Fixed memory region 0xA500 0xA5FF (Pokemon Stadium 1 and F-Zero(U) boot now)
  • Panic Button -> L-TRIG + R-TRIG + START pressed for 2 sec (Salvy/Corn)
  • Add compatibility for using gprof for profiling
  • Update Screen only called once per frame (Fixes Flashing and Shaking)
  • Updated clipping code to latest version from Irrlicht Engine
  • Fix of IA4 textures (OoT's Trees for example)
  • Fixed 4bpp texture padding
  • Implemented S2dex and Sprite2D
  • Auto uCode detector (Grazz/Kreationz)
  • Implement per game SaveState support
  • Memory Access Optimization
  • Move Video Memory and Graphics Context initialization into system.cpp
  • Avoid strdup, use static array instead
Other Devs and People that helped greatly:
  • Added VFPU math (Zack/Corn)
  • Several improvements in our makefile (Maxijac)
  • Allows SaveState deletion (Maxijac)
  • Various improvements/updates to roms.ini (Wally, bdacanay, Yamagushi and Destroyer5150)
  • Cover-Flow Gui (Yamagushi)
  • Recommended Settings (Yamagushi)
  • Several custom blend-modes (Wally, Salvy, Kreationz, Corn, bdacanay, Darth_Sidious and NintendoBoy13)
  • Added ability to delete ROMs to GUI (psppwner300, Corn)
dx64b3 (40.03 MB)
Source: qj


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