Sunday, January 2, 2011

Developer Dridri, developer of  OpenIdea ISO loader for 6.20 TN HEN. Has released a big update for his ISO Loader. No need to build ISO’s into Eboot’s anymore. Just place those legally backed up ISO’s in mso:/ISO and start them from the XMB.

Update Note:
Big update ! :mrgreen:
I didn’t improved compatibility list, but now you don’t have to convert your ISO into EBOOT, just put them in ms0:/ISO/ folder and start them directly from XMB ! :D
Then, if one (or more) of them doesn’t work, you can load it with prometheus.
(To re-convert an EBOOT.PBP to an ISO, just use “PBP Unpacker”, extract “DATA.PSAR”: this is your ISO/CSO file)

With this version installed, your MS/internal memory should look like this :
+++++++++OpenIdea’s EBOOT.PBP
+++++++++OpenIdea’s prx files

I’m now hoping that the exit crash is gone…
DOWNLOAD_1  Openidea ISO Loader v.02 for psp Go
DOWNLOAD_2  Openidea ISO Loader v.02 for psp- 2000/3000
Source: pspslimhacks


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