Saturday, January 29, 2011

A new version of TOcean's Light VSH Menu for 6.3X PRO was just released. It is now out any ready to download, Current features of this plugin includes:
  • XMB Clock - changing the power of the PSP (the XMB)
  • GAME Clock - changing the power of the PSP (in games)
  • USB Charge - PSP charging over USB, even if it is not in the USB mode (non PSP 1000)
  • Device Shutdown - Turn off PSP
  • Suspend Device - PSP in standby mode enable
  • Reset Device - reboot PSP (OFW is booted HEN | In CFW remains CFW)
  • Restart device - reboot PSP (HEN booting | In CFW but the BIOS)
  • Exit - VSH Menu close
  • Fixed bug:
  • Added compatiblity for CFW 6.35
  • Changed screenshot to "L Trigger + R Trigger"
  • Changed brightness to  "L Trigger + up or down"
  • Fixed bug for exit
  • Fixed bug on PSP-2000 6.35/6.31 PRO

Source:  qj


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