Friday, January 21, 2011

TOcean  released Light VSH Menu v4, Its a VSH menu that has all the basic functions you need and more. Adjust CPU speed, RAM speed, take screen shots, USB charging and shutting down your PSP for the VSH menu. This latest version adds some more options like brightness control and power button lock.

Version 1:

Version 2:
- Added Screenshot (note button)

Version 3:
- Bug Fixed

Version 4:
-Customizable controls for vsh menu features(including vsh menu launch-button).
-Accurate brightness control(100 stages rather than the usual 4 or so using a custom key-combo, L+R+up/down as default).
-Power button lock(completely disables the power switch in the xmb, so no standby/poweroff).
-Several black screen/freeze fixes.
-Entering vsh menu now disables xmb controls(no more accidentally launching games while in the vsh menu).

DOWNLOAD : PSP 1k,2k,3k

Source: pspslimhacks


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