Wednesday, December 22, 2010

PSP coder Takka has recently updated his ISO Tool, a handy homebrew  that allows you to decrypt, convert and patch all  latest ISOs, making it compatible with your CFW PSP.

Changelog (translated):
  • ISO Tool v1.954:
    • [BUG] EBOOT Fixed a freeze on conversion may be
  • ISO Tool v1.953:
    • [BUG] Fixed been changed from the current directory when you restart
    • [NEW] ISO / CSO EBOOT add functionality to convert from (testing)
    • [NEW] With the above, ./DATA/iso2eboot Add
  • ISO Tool v1.952:
    • [BUG] (auto_cfw) 5.00M33 plug-in system for peagasus.prx auto_cfw Fixed to work well
    • [BUG] CFW adjust various display name
    • [NEW] startup ms0: / ISO folder to create change
    • [NEW] (script) if the exists / not_exists Add
    • [NEW] (script) set_plugin Add
    • [BUG] (script) flash of the rm had failed to fix
    • [NEW] (script) Akira Osamu log files clearly
    • [BUG] (auto_cfw) auto_cfw when you release the changes back to its original libmp3.prx
    • [BUG] (auto_cfw) "ms0: / seplugins/636/libmp3.prx" If there is no flash so you do not copy the correct
    • [NEW] CFW change the script to do all the switching

    Source: qj


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