Sunday, November 28, 2010

If you have the original files (wad) for Doom Legacy, you can use this homebrew to play DOOM, DOOM 2, Final DOOM, or Heretic on your PSP.

  • Features added:

  • Music support (MP3)

  • Volume sliders

  • Cheat menu

  • Turbo (Player Setup)

  • Improved save game names

  • Reorganized HUD

  • End of level screens completely fixed (stats, animations, splats, arrow, sounds (Heretic))

  • Restored original Heretic end of level behavior (fraction stats, no rolling count)

  • Intermission screens completely fixed (added missing text, increased width and max patches)

  • End of game screens completely fixed (stretched, fixed scroll)

  • DM and Coop score screens completely fixed (redesigned)

  • Dozens of graphics stretched/centered

  • Fixed map selection list (Heretic episode 4 and 5 did the same thing)

  • Added Heretic bonus maps (E4M1 in 3 episode version, E6M1, E6M2, and E6M3 in 5 episode version)

  • Fixed Heretic menu sounds

  • Fixed DOOM 2 and Heretic quit sounds

  • Restored Heretic skill 5 behavior (no confirm, no respawn)

  • Restored Heretic death sound behavior (wimpy, normal, crazy, gib)

  • Fixed Heretic tome and flight spinning icons

  • Fixed Heretic netgame weapon kill messages (uses its own now, not DOOM’s)

  • Fixed bug improperly reporting tome + mace kill as telefrag

  • Fixed bug causing all multiplayer servers to be skill 3

  • Fixed netgame timelimit

  • Fixed Connect Server menu (spacing, name overflow)

  • Fixed menus escaping to wrong menu

  • Fixed text spacing in status messages and console

  • Adjusted sky textures

  • Can no longer end game if not playing

  • Loading empty game no longer ends demo sequence

  • Source: consolespot


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