Monday, August 2, 2010

Xmb Icon Manager, this prx plug-in lets you rename and modify the functions of the XMB icons. And all without touching the flash0. (Which as we know can be is risky – Bricks aren’t nice..)

You can use the network update icon to now shut down your PSP. Rename icons to suit your needs, for example an icon to boot a homebrew or PSX game. Below is a list of what modes are available.

What does it do ?

* Can change the name of any icon
* Can change the function of any icon
* Launch a files directly from any icon

Modes available are :

* shutdown
* suspend
* reboot
* game (launch homebrews)
* updater (Launch update)
* pops (launch PSXgames)
* backup (Launch ISO/CSO)
* restartvsh (reboot VSH – usefull for PSP running under HEN or 5.03GEN)

Installation is like any other prx plug-in. Add the following line to your vsh.txt inside the plug-ins folder of your MS.

ms0:/seplugins/xmbim.prx 1

Usage is detailed over at the source.

Source: PSPGen



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