Wednesday, July 28, 2010

After the recent PS3 firmware update, Sony had released  a new firmware for the PSP: Official Firmware 6.30.

Here's the changelog:

[*][By Format] has been added to the options menu for [Group Content].
[*] PSN Plus support has been added
[list][*] To work with the PS3's latest 3.40 firmware update.[/list]

[*] PSP (PSP Games downloaded from the PSN Store)
[*] Minis (PS3/PSP Minis downloaded from the PSN Store)
[*] PlayStation (PS1 Games downloaded from the PSN Store)
[*] PCEngine
[list][*] The PCEngine and NEOGEO folder options have been available on the Japanese PSN Store for some time now, but whether this means NEOGEO games and more will be available on the US PSN store, like Japan’s, remains to be unseen.[/list]



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