Saturday, March 6, 2010

Gama’s Game Music Gear MX. This an audio player that supports many Audio formats. It also incorporates an input/output plugin system giving you the ability to add (or remove) and convert audio formats. The visualizer support is pretty cool too, even though it is still in development.

Check out this  Features:
GMG_MX uses a new plugin system. There are three types of plugins. Input Plugins for audio decoding (like mp3 plugin, spc plugin, etc), Output Plugins to encode audio to another format, and the Visual Plugins for music visualization, lyrics display, etc. Very similar to the Winamp plugins. Each plugin consist of a config file (.plugin) and a module file (.prx). And can be replaced or removed if you want to upgrade or disable a plugin.
Custom Skin Support – Please read the skins.README and see the skins found in the skins folder if you want to make a new one.
Mini Visualizer – There are two mini visualizers available, spectrum and wave, inspired by the ones found in winamp.
Chinnese GBK, BMP, TrueType and pgf font support, with LATIN and UTF8 support.
Zip, Rar, 7zip and gzip files support through the File_Extractor library by Shay Green. Rar and 7zip support is only available on the PSP Slim due to memory requirements.
In game configuration screen.
Control keys configuration – You can configure it through the config menu, or you can do it manually editing the ‘keys’ file.
Three levels of audio output amplification, configured in each plugin config file. Since version 1.3 this levels are fixed to +3, +6 and +9 dB.
Built in 10 Band Real Time Equalizer with presets support.



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